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to fool around or act astranged also to galavant or to commit tom foolery or shanaghins
Steve i've had up to here with you skylarking
by Ladd Himself May 14, 2003
Tomfooleries, Shennanigans, Kooky Mishaps, Humorous Antics, or any kind of act that is packed full of mischeivious content.
If you don't put a stop to those skylarkings of yours, I will not hesitate to drown you in pork gravy.
#lark #tomfoolery #joke #jester #mishap #kooky #goof #shennanigan
by Joe Marinello September 04, 2006
You know like tomfooleries. M'kay.
School is a time for learning, not for immature skylarkings
#tomfoolery #silliness #frolicking #roughhousing #carousing
by PORCINUS July 15, 2010
Its like Tom Foolery m'kay
"School is a time for learning, m'kay, not for immature Sky Larkings"
#south park #mr. mackey #stan #sex #lolomgwtf
by Who would i bee? April 27, 2009
While idle, gazing around one's environment for no apparent reason.
Officer approaches navy candidate in line at chow, "Penar! Did I just catch you sky larking?"
#gazing #staring #eye #browze #gander
by Garybombs November 28, 2013
A sexual act whereby a woman lays down naked on her back and man crouches over her, naked as well, and vomits down into her open mouth.

Originated from the common misconception that the cover of seminal English Pastoral-New Wave-Baroque Pop band XTC's classic 1986 album of the same name depicts a pair of lovers engaging in the described act. In reality, they are each just playing the flute.
"Dude, that girl I took out on a date Friday was a total freak - after dinner, we went back to my place and were up skylarking half the night, 'til we had to order in from the diner because I was so hungry."
#sex #act #disgusting #misconception #album
by stavrosthemuffinman April 20, 2009
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