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"shutter vision" is usually an ecstasy user's term to describe a strange vision malfunction. it's hard to explain, but it's like your eyes are vibrating or maybe looking left and right slightly very, very fast.
shutter vision is, of course, caused by ecstasy.
"oh man, i'm gettin shutter vision sooo bad"
"maybe you shouldnt have dropped that 4th shark dude"
by WiW UK October 14, 2006
A visual effect caused by drug use or lack of sleep. The world looks as if your eyes are opening and closing extremely fast, but you can't feel any eye movement, and others can't tell you're seeing funny. It is like the opening and closing of a camera shutter on high speed capture. And it can be very disorienting.
"Dude, I roofied myslef and now I got mega shutter vision, the world looks like discovery channel or something."

"Damn, I've been up for days and the world looks like it's a cartoon; crazy-ass shutter vision yo."
by Toast Bot November 22, 2011

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