A person who inhabits trashcans, poops in the yard (Wubby poop is often mistaken for dog poop), drinks cups of pee (a Wubby would consider such to be apple juice, as the Wubby is easily fooled), and rides razor scooters while being at least half naked (the lower half) at all times.

In determining a Wubby, you can also use 3rd party variables, such as members of it's family or household, including, but not limited to:
1. A fat mother
2. No father
3. A deaf brother or sister that fantasizes that he or she is part of an all female pop group, i.e. The SpiceGirls.

4. A soiled couch
I hate Wubby s, they're always popping out of trashcans when you least expect it.
by Cougar creed breaker August 03, 2010
Top Definition
1. A soft fuzzy blanket like the middle ones in hotel beds.
2. A blanket
1&2: I curled up with my wubby on the couch and watched a movie.
by saintnsinner July 11, 2006
A literal security blanket. The term was made popular by its use in the 1983 movie Mr. Mom.
Now listen to me, I understand that you little guys start out with your wubby's, and you think they are great...and they are. They are terrific, but pretty soon a wubby isn't enough. You're out on the street trying to score an electric blanket, maybe even a quilt. Then the next thing you know your strung out on bedspreads, Ken! That's serious! Now gimmie the wubby.
by shawmutt February 27, 2007
A dubstep fan. Word originates from one of dubstep's prominent sonic features (i.e. wobble bass). The term is akin to "metal head" or "Dead head." (Though the latter applies to a fan of a particular band, the Grateful Dead, while "wubby" applies broadly to fans of a genre, dubstep.) It should be noted that a wubby does not inherently equate to a dubtard, though it is possible.
"Hey, I was hanging out with him the other night, and the only music he had on was dubstep."

"You should have known that, he's a wubby."

"Why doesn't this DJ play anything besides dubstep?"

"He's a wubby."

"That guy's obviously a dubtard."

"No, he's only a wubby."
by Franz909 April 23, 2013
An extremely adorable animal, especially a dog.
I love my wubby! My wubby is so cute! She is small and black and rat-like!
by KateOfTheJeyz. May 21, 2007
Female version of "hubby"; wife
He just married his second wubby
I never thought he'd find such a gorgeous wubby
by YayJ January 04, 2010
Plural form of wubby.
Why are there so many wubbies here?
by Buhgeebus October 10, 2008
a term used to welcome someone back from a brief absence from a chat or discussion thread. Taken from the abbreviation w/b (welcome back)


Chatter1: Eesh, that phone call took forever!
Chatter2: wubbies!
by BBugg September 05, 2008

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