Someone who ruins fun moments, good moods, or anything else.

Derived from the term "wet blanket
by Buhgeebus October 10, 2008
One who insists on calling animals by silly or overly cute-sounding names.

Derived from the use of "wubby" to describe or name a cute animal.
My sister is such a wubby, she keeps calling the dog schnookums.
by Publicencyclopeidasaresilly January 11, 2012
A nickname for someone who is good for nothing. The accuser can disguise that meaning of the word by saying that it is Australian slang for something completely different.
Accuser: "Man that guy is such a wubby."
Guy accused of being a wubby: "What the hell does that mean!?"
Accuser: "Don't worry, it's Australian slang for badass."
by Shambles299 February 01, 2011
Another name for a military poncho liner -- a blanket-like insulator for use underneath a poncho.

Also can be used as "wubby-liner" -- a similar item used as an extra layer of insulation in a M-65 field jacket.
Privates, I've told you multiple times, the commander has said he doesn't want you to use your wubby as a blanket. You'll just have to make your freaking bunk every morning. Now, do pushups.
by PFC Ocon September 30, 2009
A word used to make "love handles" sound cuter, because some girls can actually pull them off.
That girl's wubbies are bigger than her ass.
by Caaaitlin September 20, 2006
A woman you give this name to is a whore or slut but she doesnt know what you really calling her.
Elliott: hey wubby

Kacie: hey whats up with the Wubby?

Elliott: Just a nickname I gave you
by chubbychaser37 October 24, 2010
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