a place where no one has ever seen a girl and they all spell with extreme AIM abbreviations

~guy on WoW~ ima gona head 2 goldshire now

(he see's a girl night elf dancing)

~guy on WoW whispers her~ i bet ur totally a guy
~girl on WoW~ umm, no im not...
~guy on WoW~ OMFG WUT? @#$%^$@!@ will u plz be my girlfriend i like u ur so hot

(lmao im a girl who played warcraft and i had this experience like 10 times!!!)
by someonewrotethisyeah. June 28, 2009
A computer game that substitutes real life for people who don't have one. Often leads to body odor, weight gain, and loss of social skills. Is often defended by players as a "complicated game that takes intelligence" when in fact any mentally handicapped person could probably figure it out. A virtual land which losers visit to find virtual friends and virtual dates, giving each other virtual kisses and flirting with virtual women, who are, in fact, probably 29-year-old gay mormon men.
"Hey I've become a World of Warcraft level 43 human paladine! Now my girlfriend will think I am cool and won't mind that I have no money, gained 40 pounds, and haven't seen her in 3 weeks!"
by Emma1982 October 23, 2006
you will only probably get addicted
about the same chance as with alcohol, cigs, cocaine, crystal meth, food, or sleep
its all good...
blizzard got superduper loaded with cash because of that fifteen dollars a month thing...
the best is the buying of the gold thing...
dude they should just make an injection where it feels like you have been playing world of warcraft for like five hours and you can experience life outside the room with the computer in it... that would kick ass... and be very expensive...
crack in cd- rom form
by joe dimagio October 31, 2005
A Way To Keep Your Childs virginity safe at 15 dollars a month
Mother:Why Is Cindy crying?

Father: Timmy called and cancelled their date he must have World Of Warcraft
by Krymson July 29, 2009
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