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a horrible, horrible rpg game. It takes able bodied youth of today and turns them into freaks. i have never tempted myself with this horrible lifesucking antichrist, or any other stupid computer games, but some of my friends have. I once had two friends who got hooked on the game some time ago. these were just normal kids, liked a little bit of sex, a little bit of partying, a little bit of hemp. one of them had the hottest girlfriend i have ever seen. the kid lived three houses down from me. when his single father went away on frequent buisiness trips, i often heard screams of passion coming from his house. anyways, his dad goes on a buisiness trip. instead of going to school, work, seeing his friends or humping his fine girl, he plays WOW all week. so the girl breaks up with him. it sends him into a deep depression. i see no sign of life from the house for three weeks. so a day before his dad gets home, i go into his house. unfortunately, i catch him in the heat of passion going man-1, so to speak. his basement was disgusting. there were about 6 dirty plates, a few bags of chips, and piss on the floor. the air smelt of pot and farts. i could see white skeet on his rug. there were 32 messages on his answering machine, most of which were his girl trying to contact him. the last message said '...if you don't pick up the phone, you can fuck WOW for the rest of your life!!!". about 3 months later, the kids house burns down. apparently, when the kids dad took the computer away, he attempted to burn himself alive. it didn't work and he was sent to rehab. for wow, no shit. after about a month, I heard he had died. he drowned himself in the pool at his clinic because he needed wow so much. when i went to his funeral, he had gained about 80 pounds.
World Of Warcraft is for fags

PS: i'm currently hitting the girl he passed up
by pasfpasgafgb December 11, 2006

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