A cool fun game where you level up do quests and interact with 9 million other people from around the world.its a fun game but douches say oh it sucks and all you do is walk around and kill shit, you probably think it sucks because you suck and just die all the time, cause ur a dumbass who doesnt know how to play a game.
Guy: Oh! i play world of warcraft.
Other Guy: Oh me too what level do you have?
by HarleyS December 20, 2007
"WoW" or world of warcraft is an addictive MMO that is more addictive than crack those who play it will have no life, and they will never get laid and they will live with their parents for the next 35 years or their parents kill themselves because they are disgusted from their loser children
Loser: Hey how come you dont play WoW
Losers Friend: Cause i would rather eat gonnorhea clam dip and smegma gravy than play that peice of shit (World of Warcraft)
Loser:*cries* its not a peice of shit its a way of life
Losers Friend: Yeah a Shitty way of life!
Loser: *cries* im gonna go kill myself *slits own throat and has parranas eat him alive*
Losers Friend: Haha your 80 Deathknight aint saving you now!

by Jake Drake April 06, 2008
a game that you are really bad at at the start and basically haven't a clue how to play it so u are just running about killing boars and usuing your right click on your mouse to do so,until one day you get an urge to stay at the pc ,you stay at the pc for a seriously long amount of time,you miss work the next day,this whole process repeats itself,you miss work the next day,you get all excited that you are now lvl 40 and get to wear plate armor,your boss fires you,you run out of money for food,u live off potato crisps and coca-cola,you grow a beard,you start to smell,you havent slept in weeks,your friends hate you,your lifes a mess,your car gets repossessed,you move back in with your 70 year old parents,your life is a mess.
but hey,you have 3 lvl 70 tier 6 uber uber mad chars for it^^
do not play wow..ever..it ruins lives!
world of warcraft world of warcraft addiction
by nondas April 05, 2008
What happens when crack dealers make video games.
new WoW User: wow this game is fun.
Old wow user: ill suck ur dick for 1 month of world of warcraft.
by k1rly January 01, 2008
World of Warcraft is a game where the only enemy is yourself... and 90% of the players will never recover for the internal damage this game will cause to your health, your self esteem, and your social life.... i played warcraft when i was 13 and it is a addiction.... luckly i had the will power to break the disc after a month and since then i lost 35 lbs got myself in shape and my life is so much better i go to parties now spend time with my family got a gf and got into college. here the facts THIS GAME SHOULD BE ILLEGAL it has alot of the same effects and symptoms as Crack... if any of you normal kids out there are waiting to play the game or get the expansion DONT!!! QUIT RIGHT NOW HIT START ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS AND UNINSTALL THIS it essentially is a computer virus but not to you PC but a virus to your life...
Normal kid: "Dude i cant wait to play World of Warcraft"
Day 1: only 3 hours not so bad
Day 2: only 6 hours im fine
Week: my gf left me who cares ill get another one just after one more quest...
1 Month: lost my job and im failing 3 classes who cares ill go to summer school
1 Year: Dont cancel my account please im only 1 more lev to 70!!! please i need WoW!!!! ILL SUCK YOUR DICK PLEASE NO!!!
this is what world of warcraft will do to you
by Junior Gomez April 18, 2008
A (shit) alternitive to life.
I play World of Warcraft 'cause my life sucks bad!
by MOMOMOAMMOAMD July 22, 2008
The largest MMO around to date, Players are widely stereotyped as being fat guys living in there parents basements with out a life or a job or a girl friend. This stereotype can be true but often is not. I started playing when the burning crusade came out, I played Warcraft III but waited because I wanted a toon that looked like me. I play a female BE (blood elf) hunter with red hair and green eyes. This is part of my addiction , a virtual me who gets to kill things and travel around the world all day. The flora and fauna are very trippy, and there are many physiological things hidden in the game. You look at the world a lot differently at 70. Some players are naturally better than others. Quest are redundant and the game is time consuming as it is meant to be. Competitiveness and boredom drove me to keep playing. I do enjoy it but I must learn moderation.
When I started playing a friend said "Id rather you of gotten hooked on coke than have bought World of WarCraft" As it turns out I did both, WOW is harder to kick for me but not quite as expensive.
by Zigby March 25, 2008

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