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2 definitions by raptorjesus712

The premier thief, troll, and all round good time guy on the Ultima Online T2A freeshard. Known for his love of adventure, his honest dealings in legally obtained goods, and his well-loved battlecry of "I R NEW GLD PLS".
chumbucket is an upstanding member of the UO community.
by raptorjesus712 July 08, 2009
A game played by gimps who don't know how to get on a UO freeshard. Full of unoriginal features and pointless grinding until you reach your level cap, at which point you hit a total plateau and have nothing left to do except; A) gank newbies or B) start another character and grind your way through it yet again.
World of Warcraft was made by sticking chunks of fail together with nails made of shit.
by raptorjesus712 September 21, 2009