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The name of the world, that the Warcraft lore takes place in.
Lets take a journey to Azeroth!
by Sam July 15, 2006
A vast purgatory where the once good go to die.
Player: "WTFWHYHAVENTTHEYNERFEDTEHPALLYZYET? I hate Azeroth and wish this blight cleansed."

Non-player: "Word. Got any Joose, the official beverage of underage WoW players everywhere?"
by Divisionbear May 07, 2009
a fictional place in World of Warcraft where Blizzard Games favors children and whiners over people who actually can pay for the monthly subscription and dont live in their parents basement.
Paladin: ZOMGBBQ!! that fucking shaman whooped my 13 year old ass in PvP!! *scribbles petition in green crayon to Blizzard*

(Tuesday=patch day) shaman get nerfed and paladins become even more unkillable... only in Azeroth
by Shtoink September 26, 2006
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