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1. to exercise, especially in a strenuous way

2. a session of exercise

3. for something to end in success
I need to work out today.
by The return of light Joker October 18, 2007
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An alibi for vigorous masturbation. Normally used by avid gamers.
Person 1: Guys, I gotta go work out then we will play a game of League.

Person 2: Right...
by The Big NuFF August 12, 2011
To take a shit.
Guy 1: Man, I've had to work out twice already today and I feel another one coming on.

Guy 2: Damn bro, dat shit cray... What did you eat?

Guy 1: They had all you can eat hot wings at the bar yesterday. I couldn't help myself.

Girl 1: You guys are gross.
by Ball so hard March 13, 2012
for both people to not quite be sure why they're in the relationship but be too confused to end it and both be wanting different things that neither of them are getting
did their relationship work out?

well if by work out you mean they are too confused about why they are together to break up, then yes.
by leland the criminal rainbow February 27, 2011
Anytime a person, place or thing beats the holy hell out of something else.
To get the shit fucked out of you by a chick is to get a "workout".
When a team beats another by a very large margin is a "workout"
When a dealer in a casino takes all of your hard earned money is a "workout".
To take a massive shit in a bathroom, you just gave that bathroom a "workout".
ETC, ETC....
by M2million December 08, 2006
1. Extremely vigorous sex
2. Eating food
I'm gonna go work out this bust down in a minute
We're gonna go put a work out on some ribs.
by gravity5 March 05, 2006
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