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If you have an alibi ,you can prove that you were somewhere else when a crime was commited.
They alleged that she gave false alibis to the police about her husband's movements.
by Mitra June 09, 2007
139 43
an excuse
The student presented his alibi for being late.
by Anonymous May 17, 2004
137 49
what you need to come up with when you're having a threesome with two hot chicks while your girlfriend is expecting you to take her out to dinner
Person 1: "Dude, what's your alibi gonna be?"
Person 2: "I was helping a blonde screw a lightbulb."
by happy dog April 12, 2006
102 74
something you ain't got.
you ain't got no Alibi.
by Dr. Mr. Man April 17, 2012
25 10
Red headed dude who knows how to look sexy and seductive
Damn u look like an Alibi!!
by Anarchy_75 November 26, 2010
12 54