Firey place of eternal torture.
syn: hell
I lived through another 8 hours of work today.
by {CD} darkness June 17, 2005
all condiments available
give me two dogs with the works
by bp January 19, 2004
the only known way by men to prevent being stuck at home with a whining ass bitch wife and avoid giving away half your properties thru a divorce...not fun, but necessary

also a great excuse to be a cheater, avoid social acitivities boring for men, watch football w/friends, etc...really handy
Example 1:

whining ass bitch demanding by cp to husband: bring me a burger!
husband: can't sweetie :S i'm at work

(while a stripper shakes her ass

on your face..)

Example 2:

wife: remember we've got dinner tonight with my parents..(on monday night football)
husband: sorry sweetheart, i've got a pile of files my boss wants for tomorrow at 7
by Puhercules August 05, 2009
An imperative phrase used to give praise or approval to another person. Often punctuated by a finger snap or, alternatively, the vowel can be drawn out to express greater consequence. Analogous to: “What you have just said or done is very impressive.”

Syn: you better work, shwerk
Rom: girl, I better dump my BF this morning…

Johnathon: work, bitch. *snap*

Rom: and I fo sho put all his clothes out on the curb too! lol

Johnathon: wooooooork!
by ETERNIA January 12, 2005
1) a way to finance operations hustlin

2) performing an intimate activity with another individual, preferabbly of the opposite sex.

A) considered overtime if you did actually work according to definition 1) within a 3 hour time frame, if it involved multiple co-workers (play on player), or if it occured within 3 hours of your last work session according to definition 2).

3) Doing Work. The actual process of working.

4) Do work. a generally accepted phrase comment or even motion (nod, wink, thumbs up (if you're a $!%), hip hip hooray or other non verbal comment) from an associated party (non-co-worker) promoting your choice of work.
1) guy 1) work sucks...
guy 2) yeah... we should get paid more
guy 1 *takes money from cash register*

2) guy 1) what did you do last night?
guy 2) i worked.
guy 1) i thought you got off at noon...
guy 2) yeah... but my girl came over so i did some overtime.

3) guy 1) how do you like that
girl 1) oooooh yeah oooh

4) guy 1 *looks at waitress then at guy 2*
guy 2 *nods*
guy 1 to waitress: when do you get off?
by Zanatech April 24, 2008
Needles used for injecting street drugs, ex; heroin, coke, ect. I don't know if the term is universal, but that's what we call them in Philly and south Jersey.
Let me get a work, I just bought a couple bags of dope.

I hear John sells works down under the El on Kensington ave now.
by KandAjunkie December 13, 2009
A never ending cycle of paying someone else to do something they them selfs are not willing to do.
Just that thing you do stay alive, and that little money you saved you spend for someone else to do something your not willing to do.
After Taxes and filling up your tank of gas, you realize you just worked 3 hours just to be able to afford go and get back from work
by GothicMooCow May 26, 2008

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