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-Cher 2.0

but with a tighter ass
Lady Gaga went to the surgeon to get her testicles removed...for the third time
by Puhercules May 02, 2010
the perfect camouflage to blend in
i gotta be drunk in order to have friends...
by Puhercules May 09, 2010
the question every man fears...
wife: where have you been?
husband: ...
by Puhercules May 08, 2010
the only known way by men to prevent being stuck at home with a whining ass bitch wife and avoid giving away half your properties thru a divorce...not fun, but necessary

also a great excuse to be a cheater, avoid social acitivities boring for men, watch football w/friends, etc...really handy
Example 1:

whining ass bitch demanding by cp to husband: bring me a burger!
husband: can't sweetie :S i'm at work

(while a stripper shakes her ass

on your face..)

Example 2:

wife: remember we've got dinner tonight with my parents..(on monday night football)
husband: sorry sweetheart, i've got a pile of files my boss wants for tomorrow at 7
by Puhercules August 05, 2009
-what ex girflfriends do during the flollowin 6 months after ending a relationship
-what facebook, myspace and all that shit promote (being a)
1: dude, caroline totally fucked up my dating plan with jessica...she said she was still my gf
2: men, she really is a psycho-ass-stalker
by Puhercules August 06, 2009
v. to hide a boner putting your penis in the natural/straight-up position. The penis log is well hidden and unnoticed, but the head exceeds the part where your belt fits...if someone lifts your shirt, they'll see your head saying hi
i had to guillotine my penis so my teacher didn't notice my boner when he asked me to pass up to the blackoboard...
by Puhercules May 08, 2010
from mexican spanish "mole (food, sauce..not the animal) - smeller"...

adj. a person who can't stand seeing a frind flirting with a hottie and instinctively stands between both and pretends knowing the girl and starts flirting with her making you aside...
barx: dude! pablo is sucha huele moles!
maza: why's that?
barx: yesterday i was hitting on this girl and when he realized, he stand between us and told her that he had seen her at a party...but the girl didn't even know him!
maza: yep, that is pablo..
by Puhercules August 08, 2009

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