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any amount of drugs a person is selling
I have to go grab the work from my connect tonight.
by Jay Jerk July 11, 2004
13 9
the needles or droppers the dope fiends use do shot up
The dopefiends works got clogged so he had to clean it out.
by ThA_oNlY_1_nOvA January 12, 2006
0 0
Something that people of all ages get, and say that they are going to do at a later date, because of either laziness or they are pre-occupied with something else recreational, but end up postponing it because of but not limited to the phrase "I've got time."
Dude A: So when are you going to do that work?

Dude B: I've got time
by gdqwfzqwe December 11, 2009
0 1
Just your everyday average chronic smoke.
What kind of bud is that, It's just the work homie.
by xxxl8nitexxx May 06, 2007
3 4
How many fine niggas of females u got or, fine niggas orfemales that want you.
shut up nigga i got hella work.

it was hella work at that party las night.
by datownbeezy July 18, 2006
4 5
This is the way i see it, working hard for something you really want is better than wishing for it.
by thats all you need to know June 05, 2003
13 14
Nice looking people or person that you wouldn't mind hollering at. Derived from "ART WORK" but shortened. Originating in Northern California-Bay Area
Girl it was hella work in the club last night!!!
by BSZ November 17, 2005
6 8
We don't do any. We shouldn't have to do any.
We don't have to work because of slavery.
by Rasheed August 22, 2003
10 12