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A neutralizer is a piece-of-shit car that a rich guy drives because that car has the power to neutralize gold diggers since gold diggers will automatically discount a guy that drives a piece-of-shit car, regardless of his other qualities. A neutralizer is the anti-thesis of a chick magnet.

The purpose of owning, driving and even cherishing a neutralizer is that it will save the rich guy from the claws of gold diggers. If a woman passes the neutralizer test, i.e. she accepts a guy with his POS car, she is likely a good person with depth of character, and she will challenge him intellectually. If she won't even give him a chance because of his car, the guy now knows she only likes him for his cash.
Ahmed: Hey, that girl you met at the bar last week was quite tantalizing. You seemed to hit it off. Did you go on a date with her?

Laurent: Well, I was pretty excited, and the conversation was going well, but my Neutralizer seemed have turned her off when she saw me get in my Neutralizer (1998 Corolla with scratches everywhere). She got neutralized. I saw her two days later in a Maserati with some other rich trust fund kid. The Neutralizer saved me again from falling for a smoking hot gold digger. Thank you my Neutralizer, because I never learn my lessons...For now, I guess I'll have to find someone else to share my 5000 sqft penthouse overlooking Central Park.
by frenamezian_again1 December 30, 2011
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