We don't do any. We shouldn't have to do any.
We don't have to work because of slavery.
by Rasheed August 22, 2003
adj. beautiful, shapely, and fit, but tough a tenacious
Yo, dood, that chick was WORK!
by Gary Freel July 05, 2003
80's L.A. street gang euphemism for killing/assassination.

See the definative 80's urban gang book, "Do Or Die"
We puttin in some work on the Crips tonight.
by holladog August 30, 2003
1. crack cocaine
2. acid or lsd
3. a place where you are paid for your time and effort
4. lowerclass people who do things like clean a rich persons house or mow their lawn
1. "Hey man I got that all white work!"
2. "Yeah, Ill be at the lot all day with my work"
3. "ah crap...I gotta be at work in 20"
4. "Oh we -never- socialize with the work"
by dave m w October 29, 2007
failure; defeat; suppresssion;
a Capitaliist plot
Like, what-ever! This work is work! And its sooo last year.
by amby February 02, 2004
1) Something in which labor is expended. *v*

2) A place of employment. *n*

3) Illegal/illicit drugs or weapons being sold on the street by a dealer. Typically drugs. *n*
"I got that work"
by SkyyAlexander October 24, 2008
a london slang-word for crack cocaine.
"blud thats brehs in jail for shottin work"
by gee-unit December 10, 2005
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