It is like how hoes u got or how many nihhahz u playin
I had to hang up on my work when my hubby walked in the room
by Michelle March 24, 2005
The type of weed that I have right now. It's the kinda bud that you think is pretty chronic upon first glance, but upon further examination realize that you are somewhat mistaken. Don't get me wrong, 1.7 for $20 is good for where I live so I'm not complaining. But seriously, this ganj, ironically, is worthy of a definition on UD simply due to it's mediocrity. Features: Diminished green coloration, perhaps with a mix of ash and possibly a tinge of brown. Leafy but dense at the same time. Thick orange hairs (you may think I'm crazy for saying so, but you'll know it when you see it, resembles carrot shavings). There seems to be an abundance of crystals, but not shining very brightly. This is concerning. Smell: Chronic hay. If that makes sense. I smoked it and I got high for sure but it's definitely nothing special like it was made out to be. On average I get way better stuff and when any of this bud rolls around it's not exactly a disappointment, but at the same time you wish it was better, and that you could afford it! Lotsa stems too. But hey life goes on! Chronic definition soon to come!!!
work=regular unleaded
by connoisseur December 15, 2009
1. Oral sex; head, dome; face
2. Weed, cocaine, etc. <ya dope boyz>
1. "Dat shawty give that work.
2. "Man Danny got dat work."
by Jade Grey May 17, 2005
The wooden fork you get in chip shops to eat your chips with
"Sporks are so cool"
"Now lets not forget the works"
by Garth May 09, 2004
having sex
my bredrin worksed dat ting yano!
by dollbb January 07, 2009

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