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A jerk who changes what you've written, not because it isn't good, but because they want to put there mark of ownership on your finished product. Normally used in engineering circles.
I can't believe that she just wordsmithed your document. There wasn't anything wrong with it, she's just a bitch who needs her finger on everything.
by Editorextraordinarre March 14, 2013
Just as a Blacksmith would make weapons, a Wordsmith makes words.
Yeah it's a word, I just made it because I am a wordsmith.
by Dukamas Meyro September 11, 2004
Some retard that thinks they have such an exceptional understanding of the English language when, in fact, it sounds like they are shitting out their mouth.
In south park when Kanye West says "I'm a mother fucking wordsmith." He couldn't figure out the fish sticks, fish dicks joke.
by The original fatstick July 18, 2010
Paully and/or Bruce Lee's mortal enemy.
Paully is the master word smith.
by Paully May 08, 2003