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The illness when it feels like your eyes are going to fall out of your sockets - caused by intense computer playing or working sessions.
After a full day of work on my computer I had sockIPitis and wanted to rest my eyes.
by Mindalay December 02, 2007
The fear of being abducted by aliens.
The man didn't want to go outside, Alienabductaphobia crippled any intentions of going outside.
by Mindalay December 26, 2008
The feeling that you are annoyed because you are scared and/or petrified.
I was riding down the mountain on my bike, and the trail was so close to the edge of the cliff that I was petrannoyed.
by Mindalay April 19, 2008
A combination of being, what many joke about as 'retarded'- when in fact they are referring to something that is not mentally disabled in any way but is lame, slow or illogical - in conjunction with being pathetic.
The whole evening was rethetic. First my friends did not have any humor or excitement. Then second, the concert we went to was completely lame and disorganized; it couldn't have been any worse.
by Mindalay May 17, 2008
The type of snot when you have a sinus infection. Generally evident by it's yellow or greenish hue and it's unique taste and smell experienced within your sinuses.
I have not been feeling well all week; the slozzy I have is becoming worse.
by Mindalay December 02, 2007
A slang and logical synonym word meaning 'fart.' Can be used as a verb 'bumburped.'
Do you see the bubbles near Jimmy in the pool? He must have bumburped.
by Mindalay May 17, 2008
Someone who makes up words, intentionally, creatively, or purely on accident with the slip of the tongue.
Suzy was so tired at 2am her sentences began to be confusing and she also became a wordsmith.
by Mindalay April 22, 2008

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