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Sitting around thinking of new words to add to Urban Dictionary.

Usually done in late nights, during class, or after viewing how close Urban Dictionary is to the next million definitions.
"Hey do you think (blank) is already on Urban Dictionary?"
"Maybe, wait, what are you doing?"
"Urban wordsmithing, duh - you've never done it?"
"Haha, actually I have..."
by Turlook May 26, 2009
The combination of Drink and Doubt: that uneasy feeling you get just before the first sip of a drink that you've left on the table for some time.
Thought: "Did something fall in this? - Oh man, major droubt there, but I think things are okay - wait, maybe just a sip to find out..."
by Turlook March 11, 2009
20 oz. water bottle with the bottom cut out.
"Hey man, we're out of cups."
"No problem, here's a bottle, make a hobo's wine glass!"
by Turlook May 24, 2009
The happiness level of a party or person based on the amount of drinks they've had.
Did you see how high the jolly factor went after Donny found the liqueur cabinet?

Haha look at that guy, he's wasted.
Ya, his jolly factor's out the window right now.
by Turlook September 19, 2009

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