A term used to put down someone of Italian orgins or just any old "honky". A word originally used in the early 1900's for Italian imigrants. In recent times the word is used to describe a person who is considered a bum or clown. It can also be used to insult a black person who smells terrible or acts white.
Gayvens: "Hey Korey why does your WOP ass take two bio classes?"

Korey: " Yo boy I aint no Wop!"

Me: "Whoa there cowboys (brokeback mountain reference) simmer down now, Korey you are wop and Jordan you'r just plain old gay. Its okay though you guys are both Wops in my books. Chucle chucle, laughs."
by Timmothy May 15, 2006
An alcoholic beverage consisting of hard liquor and fruit. The fruit soaks up the liquor leaving a fruity tasting beverage, and very highly concentrated alcoholic fruit. Usually filled in a large tub. The fruit is eaten.
I went to a party last week, and there was a large tub with vodka and watermelon. I ate the watermelon, and that's the last thing I could remember
by Jenna Austin July 29, 2005
A alcoholic drink containing combinations of rum, vodka, everclear, or other alcohols of your choice(full bottles), plus water, sugar, and Kool-aid, normally mixed in a large tub or cooler, and usually made for large parties, alternative for beer, or a keg. Guaranteed to fuck you up.
Got any wop. Yeah, it's in the cooler.
by Mike B. March 19, 2005
A dumb word a bunch of poor people made up for amazing Italians to make up for there boring lives. Most are ugly shits with no friends and are jealous that they are non cultured fags. My pop works harder then any of you shits. And hes 100% baby. Dont fuck with the Italians...you'll wind up dead.,
"did shit fuck face"
by yo1234567890 February 06, 2008
To Give Head; Fellate

Generally used for oral sex done to a male.
"Wut u and ya shorty do las nite after yall left?"
"I drove her home and she gave me WOP in tha whip."

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