A style of dance originating in the North East during the early to mid 80's.
"Do The Wop."

"Make you say go LL and do the wop."
by A.M.D. September 24, 2006
the sound spaghetti makes when it hits the wall
scuzi maria, but your meatballs taste like kangeroo spunk.
by ter rose June 05, 2006
a drink that started as a way of making a drink of what is at the party. usu. by mixing everclear, vodka, and random fruits. some may describe it as gutrot in liquid form. the fruits then absorb the alchohol, and then eaten.
"man this parties the shit"
"just wait until the wop is ready"
by "NOVA!" klebar May 30, 2006
The shortening of the word woops hence you say the word woops with an exageratted 'oh' sound.
wops! its not quite chops....but man!
by Maarc January 23, 2004
Its when you put shit in your hand and slam it against something solid. For most effective sound, slam against a wall or in your mouth. Try it out!!! Have fun .
The sound of WOP! Shit slamming and making the hilarious sound of WOP.
by Woogy pots November 21, 2006
A noun used to describe a drug feind. Typically a crackhead but "wop" also applies to any sort of person who engages in addict like behavior to acheive his or her goals.

The verb form is "wopping" which means that one is engaged in addict-like behavior

NOUN FORM- "Johnny is such a wop, he called me a 4:30 this morning for some crack"

VERB FORM- "Johnny was really wopping out yesterday, he pawned a TV and VCR and his Xbox to get some crack."
by josh122386 November 04, 2006
A term used to put down someone of Italian orgins or just any old "honky". A word originally used in the early 1900's for Italian imigrants. In recent times the word is used to describe a person who is considered a bum or clown. It can also be used to insult a black person who smells terrible or acts white.
Gayvens: "Hey Korey why does your WOP ass take two bio classes?"

Korey: " Yo boy I aint no Wop!"

Me: "Whoa there cowboys (brokeback mountain reference) simmer down now, Korey you are wop and Jordan you'r just plain old gay. Its okay though you guys are both Wops in my books. Chucle chucle, laughs."
by Timmothy May 15, 2006
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