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Created when cursing Italians on Codemasters Race Driver: GRID using the derogatory term "Wop". When an Italian (or anyone who gets on your nerves) starts lagging in-game, their car will bounce around on-track in a manic fashion and in random directions. This can cause crashes and/or cheating within the game because of the lag. The prefix "Flying" can be added if the players lag is extremely bad; i.e Flying Wopping.
Are you wopping?
by elementxi July 13, 2011
wopping; to wop. to insert ones fist deep into a females anal cavity. thus fisting her ass
i gave her a proper good wopping last night youth! i'm still scraping the shit out of my fingernails
by Matt Appy December 30, 2002
the act of wiping or picking ones nose and then wiping whatever is found on to the leg of another person. a particularly prevalent habit among young children.
person 1: I can't believe that, he just wiped his snot on to my leg

person 2: haha he gave you a good wopping!
by gubz1992 May 04, 2009
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