One of the most versatile words, woobie can be used to refer to pretty much any object. It's used when the speaker can't remember what the object's real name is, especially useful after being hit in the head or after two week smoke sessions.
"Private Pyle, get off your fat lazy ass and go get me that woobie sitting over there so I can lay down some cover fire and get us the hell out of here!"
by JungleDawg May 05, 2005
those short little tufts of hair around the hairline that will never ever stay down.
Bert of the infamous duo "ernie and bert" has a hairstyle that may be accuratley described as a woobie.
"i'm going to dye my woobies purple"
"can i borrow some gel to tame my out of control woobie?"
by krisdin May 03, 2005

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