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(noun) Security blanket, teddy bear, or any physical item (for children) or emotional feeling (for adults) that gives you that safe, fuzzy, warm aura.
Little Billy is just so Goddamn cranky without his wooby.
by Ray March 05, 2004
Scottish slang for large, natural female's breats. A derivitave of the english term, boobies.
"Hey Jimmy, did yae see the woobies on that?"
"You're getting on my woobies!"
by Kai SJY January 23, 2007
A blunt containing a large amount of marijuana and a modicum amount of cocaine.
weed + coke = wooby.
Woobys will make all of your problems drift away... for an hour or two.
by benjas August 20, 2007
Name of my turtle after the sound heard on the original Super Mario Bros. when Mario Swims.

To Woob is to swim.
Care to woob in the nude?
by D January 14, 2004
1. insult of a non swearing type......good for use in librairies.....and other quiet places

2. descriptive word for something kewl......
1.ah, feck off you fat wooby!!

2. how incredibly wooby-like is that?!?!?!
by Anonymous July 09, 2002
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