an affectionate name for a mother, a warm and cuddly thing
I lub my woobie! My woobie is so funny! Hey woobie, go fetch me some food!
by Karl G. Nelson January 28, 2009
Someone you love who is cute and you love to be with.
Jason:"Woobie im sorry i overreacted."
Lauren: "Babe you overreact over every little thing!"
Lauren: "I dont care, jason, i just dont care"
by Lagunna_girlie. July 14, 2006
The affectionate nickname for the family name Wolbert.
AKA: Wooby
Hi, Mrs. Woobie (Wooby)
by thewoobys July 09, 2010
woobie means someone who is very corny
Kelly is so woobie.
by jasonsmommy April 13, 2010
Waist boobies. Boobs on your waist. Love handles. Food baby. Pooch. Muffin top. Gut.
That food is good for your woobie
by Woobie woman July 29, 2009
a dog, preferably a furry dog such as a golden retriever. Used when conversing about said dog with others.
Craig: "Hey man i got to go give my woobie a bath."
Steve: "Ok cool i have to go walk my woobie around the block."
by Wampa Assassin March 24, 2009
The most beautiful female possible with the face of an angel and the body of a goddess.
by Macook September 23, 2009

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