a form of bdsm involving electrostimulation and sometimes bondage
i wired that babe and she came like the nile...
by d00d October 02, 2004
Being high as hell on any one of the following:

Weed, blow, Vitamin E, LSD, the list goes on and on...
Let's get WIRED!
by Rico July 25, 2003
A Philadelphia, PA radio station called Wired 96.5
Wired 96.5 plays ish-loads of music
by Nick September 03, 2004
In Texas Hold'em Poker, paired cards in the hole.
I was holding wired aces, so I called his pre-flop bet.
by Coell May 12, 2005
the extreme state of euphoria achieved by taking ecstacy, tingling sensation at the top of head. Also the cause of a rocking jaw
Yo i'm wired
by ashley stephenson March 04, 2004
Being high on meth....
i smoked 3 bowl loads of crank and now im hella wired!
by becca November 17, 2003

...no, actually, don't...

just click on kazaa or whatever and search video for "serial experiments LAIN". download all 13 layers.
we all exist in the WIRED
by ZÜé§ July 06, 2003
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