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A monthly-published magazine.

It has to do with electronic and geek things like news-type info and articles about awsome new gizmos.

The editor-in-chief is... I don't know. Hey, why don't you just check out the site? www.wired.com
I recieve WIRED magazine every month.

I enjoy reading it very much as I do not have internet at my house, and am behind in certain news things. It makes me feel smart when I can comment on how MySpace.com was bought, or how today, since 1 billion people are online, one tenth of 1% of the internet's users is 1 million people.

Yaya for WIRED!
by nubluva October 27, 2006
A term used to describe someone or yourself after a prolonged period of computer usage and the tiredness assositaed with it.
"Dude, you look wired after playing Quake 3 for 19 days straight."
by 80\/\/Z4 June 15, 2003
The internet is often refered to as "The wired" as it is all connected by wires (Telephone, DSL, cable, etc.)
"Man, I haven't had access to the wired for weeks now!"
by Felicia January 31, 2003