a) A band with ex-beatle Paul McCartney
b) One's ability to fly aircraft or helicopters
c) arms perpendicular to the body that allow something to fly
a) wings suck
b) get your wings!
c) aeroplane without wings?!?!?!?!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004
As an alcoholic beverage served with ice is referred to as being "on the rocks", a beverage mixed with Red bull is described as "having wings."
"I'll have a glass of Smirnoff and Red Bull on the rocks please".

"One Smirnoff on the rocks with wings. Here you are sir"
by ty-dog August 27, 2006
specifically a hairstyle which includes side-swept bangs either on each side of your forehead or one long sidewept band going diagnolly across your forehead to the other side (this never includes straight across even bang hairstyles such as a 7-year old would wear)
"Jenny baby that wing really brings out the color of your eyes and the frame of your face."
by Trish. J. October 09, 2005
One pence sterling (GBP). Used by Neds.
"Gies us twenty wing gadgie or i'll pagger ye"
The arms on a pad to keep a girls bleed-blocker in place.
If it wasn't for that chicks wings, her blood would have splashed on the floor.
by winger rules December 08, 2003
To huck something at something with great force with the intent to cause massive damage.
"I'm gonna wing a tree at you if you don't shut up!"
by Vee Are Are Schee July 08, 2004
its just any kind of handgun
we only sell them birds,you trying to cop a wing
by yungrome5156 November 08, 2007
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