Mad cabaret songstress from East Asia made famous by her portrayal in the TV show South Park
Wing sings shite like "Dancing Queen"
by Pat Mc Groyne September 09, 2005
How drunk yaya's say wine.
"Sugar, get me 'nother bottle of wing, will ya?"
by fedup June 24, 2003
n. paired flying apparatus, usually invisible on clouds, bubbles, and balloons.
Oh no! That poor tadpole is missing a wing!
by Flying Zebra Coalition November 29, 2005
A malfunction at birth causing the penis to be split and grow from the sides of the hips.
That dude got wings as big as an eagle muder focker
by CO love chicken July 07, 2004
A chigger, a chinese guy trying to be a black guy
What a wing that guy is!
by THT May 03, 2005
a phrase you use to describe someone who is acutally very cool and clever
Ahh man, you are so Wing
by Wisdom Jones November 08, 2005
a fleshy, flap of skin that connects the penis and scrotum of some men
A fleshy, flap-like wing connects my penis to my scrotum.
by goober June 09, 2004
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