A wing is commonly known as a vagina's labia. It is most often used in a phrase such as "Suck my wing Motha Fucker!!"
Keaton called Ashley a bitch, so she told him to suck her wing.
by Vag Expert October 18, 2010
Secretive way of talking about hot females.

See also WAFFLES
"I'm Hungry, lets go get some wings"

"I ate some wings last night, the sauce got all over my face, i can still taste it"
by herb311 September 09, 2004
my favorite part of a chicken
give me that chicken wing bitch or ill kill you!
by outofthedome July 12, 2003
A huge hunk of alumminum or other type of metal material afixed to the rear of a car. Used to serve purpose in adding downforce to rear of rear wheel drive vehicle, but is now used on front wheel drive Civics and Accords and serves no useful purpose other than identification of Rice boy.
Yo dawg, my wing on my Civic added a mad 200 hp yo!
by Bitchin Kitchen May 29, 2003
Someone with little or no game.
Someone acting like a pawn
someone who is a square
Also look up a lame
Being a "lame" is alot like being a "wing"
you use it to refer to someone like "this fucking winG"
with empahsis on wing
"you fucking WING"
by UGHHH September 07, 2006
Wing(ing) primarily has two definitions: to wing is either to throw through something the air (wung for past tense)or to fornicate. A wing candidate would be a sexually attractive person.
Holy crap, what a turbo-non-troll! Now SHE is an ULTRALMEGA wing candidate!
by Stuben Hackfittle Von Burntsteiner November 07, 2004
a) A band with ex-beatle Paul McCartney
b) One's ability to fly aircraft or helicopters
c) arms perpendicular to the body that allow something to fly
a) wings suck
b) get your wings!
c) aeroplane without wings?!?!?!?!
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 30, 2004

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