The act of having had and impact with an object whilst driving.
i clipped my neighbours grandma
by urobin hood June 03, 2009
Just barely hitting, scratching, or skimming across something. Usually related to a vehicle accident.
I just clipped that truck!

The helicopter clipped the side of the building.
by Dalekman March 29, 2010
To steal on the sly. (to clip)
I saw a really nice bathrobe at the hotel, so I clipped it.
by Marshal July 07, 2006
Removing a friend on Facebook and from communication in the real world.
"That bitch is pissin' me off! She's 'bout to get clipped!
by thenupianomann December 22, 2011
When a mad person is not happy with you he will take you out
I was slagging this girl and it turns out her father is mad. He is going to have me clipped
by Jonny Sheridan December 20, 2013
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