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to shoot someone.
Shit guy, someone just tried to clip me.
by Jimmy Ceb June 24, 2004
The act of having had and impact with an object whilst driving.
i clipped my neighbours grandma
by urobin hood June 03, 2009
Just barely hitting, scratching, or skimming across something. Usually related to a vehicle accident.
I just clipped that truck!

The helicopter clipped the side of the building.
by Dalekman March 29, 2010
Term for someone who has had a vasectomy.
Dude, I can ride her bareback now, 'cause I got clipped.
by Motorhead January 15, 2008
To steal on the sly. (to clip)
I saw a really nice bathrobe at the hotel, so I clipped it.
by Marshal July 07, 2006
Removing a friend on Facebook and from communication in the real world.
"That bitch is pissin' me off! She's 'bout to get clipped!
by thenupianomann December 22, 2011
To get excessively drunk to the point where reality is nothing more than fantasy (and it makes sense to you).
"AHHH SHIT! He's doin sick benihanas with the office chair, DUDE'S CLIPPED!"
by Xander B. June 05, 2014