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Fantastic Novel by American Writer John SteinbeckFeaturing the story of two migrant workers in California ,George and Lennie,Has a Tragic Ending.Some American States have Banned this Novel using the excuse it promotes euthanasia (Sounds like Nazi book Burning to me)!
'Of Mice And Men' Takes it's title from a Robert Burns Poem 'To a Mouse' :
"The best-laid schemes o mice an men, Gang aft agley" (Eng: "Often go awry")
#steinbeck #banned #burns #novel #literature.
by ayeyermaw April 23, 2006
Literly means piss urine pee etc.It is not a slang word as so many people assume but an ancient scots word, Scots being the Language of the Lowlanders of Scotland FACT!! Can also be used as a put down.
Am awa' fur a pish.
Dinna' talk Pish
#scots #language of burns #lallans #lowlands #pee
by ayeyermaw February 24, 2006
The Bard Totally owns the likes of shakespeare.Most of his work was written in Old AyrshireScots and can be a bit difficult to understand But with Patience the Reader is Rewarded with Poetic Mastery.known in Scotland more commonly as Rabbie Burns
Scots Wha' hae.
''Scots, wha' hae wi' Wallace bled,
Scots wham Bruce has often led,
Welcome to your gory bed,
Or to Victorie!
Now's the day, and now's the hour;
See the front o' battle lour,
See approach proud Edward's pow'r
Chains and slaverie!''
Robert Burns.
#auld lang syne #rabbie #highland mary #a red red rose #tam o'shanter
by Ayeyermaw April 22, 2006
The Date 1314.
Place Scotland.
At Stake: The Survival Of Scotland.
In the Blue Corner King Robert IRobert the Bruce
In the Red Corner King Edward II (Son of Longshanks)
England Totally Pwned by the Scottish
Winner: Scotland
The English got Totally Spanked at Bannockburn!
#stirling #longshanks #the bruce #wallace #freedom
by ayeyermaw May 05, 2006
The Bard surname of the worlds greatest bard Rabbie Burns or Robert Burns Scotlands Finest.
Burns Night is celebrated the world over
#tam o' shanter #scots wha' hae #auld lang syne #to a mouse #of mice and men
by ayeyermaw April 23, 2006
Tiny Little Village in the west of Wales. If there is a back of beyond then this village surely qualifies!
Malika; OOO come to my Pub in Bosherston, its well nice
Andrew; I never left the fucking place!!
#wales #cymru #bosh #village of the damned #st govans
by Ayeyermaw July 22, 2009
OK Lets clear this up PLEASE! OK most of you have it right except the origin of the word, A NED (in it's modern usage) is a term used to describe The Scots version of the CHAV or Townie, Expensively dressed Tramps in other words with absolutely No Manners, no etiquette (Look it up in a 'Dik shun nerry', Neds) no social grace, a disgrace to their families and communities, Foul Mouthed Godless creatures who contribute Nothing to society except derision and more bastard children like themselves, in other words a sad reflection on the breakdown of Family Life and behavior.

Another Thing.... People who say NED stands for Non-Educated Delinquent , are talking out of their Anus holes, There is NO such Grammatical term in the English Language, it would be UN-Educated!! as indeed many posters on this site tend to be unfortunately.
Ned = A young Hooligan with no clue about the consequences of their actions has been used for many years to describe any type of miscreant
#chav #townie #hooligan #tramp #goat
by Ayeyermaw August 07, 2007
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