A wingnut is spawned when pussy ass cops taze a person with anger issues while in handcuffs and causes him to piss there pants..thus creating an undercover criminal that knows everything so don't disagree or go against him... unless you want him to get all "WINGNUT" on yo ass bitch! Wingnuts also lived every where so you aint got shit on him from California to Colorado, Washington to Organ the ways and codes westcoast is all he knows. Also he ain't got time for you clowns that talk all that shit he hold grudges till revenge is served cold. Also WINGNUT's have been mistaken for a ninja cuz he is ill and will take yo weed and bitch quick and bouce befor you know it . CONCLUSION= if you decide to fuck with a WINGNUT i would suggest killing him cuz he has more creative non traceable ways to bring hell to the sorry fuck ass that does.

P.S. My bitch and whip are hotta than yours so suck it!
"wingnut is back"

"he waited in the bushes till i came home from fucking with his car and he stabed me with a key"/ "now my vage hurts ouch"!

"Wingnut is not invited to my party, when he shows up it makes all the bitches get moist"

i hate wingnut = im a jealous fagot with out a nickname boo! hoo!
by WINGnezzy a.k.a wingnut July 04, 2009
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n. An outspoken, irrational person with deeply-held, nominally conservative, political views. A person who chooses on principle to be flagrantly ignorant. A "right-wing nut".
Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, and Fred Phelps are examples of the wingnut element in modern America.
by Carl Willis February 18, 2006
(noun) A person appearing to be moderately to severely crazy, disoriented, majobling, see Majoble, jumbled and more often than not, a total mess. A wingnut is a constant source of entertainment to those surrounding it and can easily be found in any type of setting or venue. Example: grocery stores, sporting events, cross-walks, public transportation, school, work…you may even have one in your house.
The wingnut that is suppose to be teaching our biology class is talking to the fire extinguisher and telling it to read 'Paradise Lost' for yesterday's class.
by Courtney LaJeunesse &Rob Scagnelli November 21, 2005
an easily turned piece of metal used to hold screws on.
i put the wing nut on to hold the machine together
by zetsumei naisho March 14, 2005
Short for "a right-wing nut". Popularized in blogs and throughout the Internet. Used to refer to those who unquestioningly accept and repeat right-wing propaganda no matter how outrageous or unbelieveable.

As opposed to normal conservatives who have relatively independent minds--those few that remain.
"Fox News could say that Invisible Martians came down and hid Iraq's Weapons Of Mass Destruction and the wing-nuts would believe it."
by Super Genius March 14, 2005
1. Ideological extremist from either side of the political spectrum who unquestioningly repeats any and all propaganda and/or conspiracy theories propagated by their side of the political spectrum, no matter how unlikely.

2. An eccentric driven by religious fervor to take on unusual or irrational social or political opinions without care that other members of society consider them off balance. The extremism of these people's faith is proof to them that they are right.

3. A person who was unfortunate in the allotment of his or her genetics, causing his or her ears to be abnormally large and protruding. Originating in Australia where it is rarely used derogatively it became an insult when the word migrated to America

4. An aficionado of the Detroit Red Wings.

5. A fan of the political drama television programme The West Wing

6. A peice of metal that can be easily turned with the fingers used to anchor screws into wood or other material
1. Ritchie: Comrades! The Neo-conservative administration we live under are simply distracting us with their tyranny while they breed an army of wild YETIS in an attempt to enslave us all in work camps which they are at this very moment building in Montana!
Guy: Sorry lady, if i believed every wing nut like you I'd be locked in my panic room by now

2. Chris: Every morning my next door neighbour goes outside naked and dances like a chicken in the street while preaching to the world that Satan has finally triumphed over God and it is our job as a society to decapitate all political and social leaders.
Sam: Doesn't he care that he gets arrested every day?
Chris: No, He's a total wing nut.

3. Britney: Like, ew, look at Sam's ears, I like, can't believe he wanted me to go to prom with him. They are like so...out there.
Chelsea: Like, I know, he's like a total wing nut!

4. Charlie: Wow, you can tell a place is a shithole when the hockey fans look like they have enormous pieces of hardware on their heads.
Gabby: Fucking wing nuts

5. Sarah: Hey, I'm home alone Kelly's a total wing nut and so she's neglecting me for a big West Wing marathon. We should go out.
Samantha: Sure, where?

6. Gina: AGH! If I can't find the wing nut that goes on the end of this screw, the screw will fall out and the entire impenetrable fortress will collapse, killing us all!
by titanium doll October 26, 2006
A person holding political views that the user of the word finds to be extreme, most often extremely conservative. Often combined with freeper to form the term "freeper wingnut."
The wingnuts on your block must have had a fit when you put that anti-war bumper sticker on your car.
by Doctor Whom May 23, 2005
A person with large or pronounced ears. Normally not used in a derogatory manner. (Australian)
"Hello wing nut, how are you?".
by TheSparky October 08, 2006

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