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A small chick, that when doinked on a high bed with ceiling fan above can grab the fan blades and lift legs to rotate while having sex, and therefore looks like the common piece of hardware known as a wingnut.
Manny poinked another wing-nut last night
by wrenches October 23, 2008
A Regular Ares Chat user who lurks in the shadows and comes out only to taunt noobs and talk shit to those who need it to better suit their life.

-Use caution talking to this user if you ever come across him-
Wingnuts has logged in admin level 300

ares_hacker> Omfg!

ares_hacker has parted
by Anonymous user. March 05, 2008
An idealogical extremist, usually referred to as right-wing or left-wing, depending on what side of the political spectrum they reside.
It's amazing how many people buy into conspiracy theories propagated by "wing nuts" like Michael Moore.
by SiXWiNGS March 14, 2005
a person with big ears
oi wing nut, what times take off?!
by filth April 23, 2003
A rather irrational but loving person whose very being gives piece and purpose.
My wife is the wing nut that holds my life together.
by EDGE of America February 20, 2007
Erect and highly visible nipples underneath clothing. See also peanut smuggling
Jeez! She's got some wingnuts on her!
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004
Sam Widdows. Being the king of the wingnuts, ruler of all under his great nut
Semi-on is such a wingnut
by madball April 08, 2005