a crazy, ignorant, or stupid person.
Man, that girl gives blumpkins, what a wingnut!
by stinram February 06, 2005
Erect and highly visible nipples underneath clothing. See also peanut smuggling
Jeez! She's got some wingnuts on her!
by Dark 1 January 10, 2004
a certified fucking dumbass
dammit that dude's a fucking wingnut
by dugweiser March 03, 2005
A small necklace worn by fans of the detroit redwings.
Wow if there was Hockey this year i could wear my wing nut.
by Scabs March 14, 2005
Sam Widdows. Being the king of the wingnuts, ruler of all under his great nut
Semi-on is such a wingnut
by madball April 08, 2005
The son of a lugnut.
You're dad is a stupid lugnut, I guess that makes you a wingnut.
by nunu123 January 11, 2010
disgusting wings and fries that you only order when you're really high, really drunk, a mixture of both, or when nothing else is open
"ello wingnuts?"
(sigh) "I'll take a midnight special"
by my ex wife April 27, 2008

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