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A northern Ohio and surrounding areas gang of squatters, drug addicts, train hoppers, and all-around tough motherfuckers. Will fuck you up without a second thought if necessary, but will have your back and get you shitty in your hour(s) of need. Named after the ridiculous amount of wingnuts found in the first factory they squatted in Cleveland.

In summation: Go to Cleveland, find these bastards, pull them out of whatever hole they're doing drugs in, make them take you to their squat, and have your back covered for life.
No bandanas, no color codes, and we wont "holla at yo boy." Every race, every color, we want more than to destroy. Peace, unity, love and respect, you heard it all before. We're different 'cause we mean it, it's something you can't ignore. Don't fuck with us 'cause were pro, you're up against NE Ohio - Wingnut's all we know
by doksa July 10, 2008

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