what you get when you wake up sick in the morning, paranoid that you may have somehow contracted swine flu, although your condition is actually just a hangover from drinking too much wine, beer, or liquor the night before
You: "Oh, man, I'm not feeling very good. I hope I haven't gotten swine flu."

Friend: "Shut up, dude. You drank a ton last night. It's just wine flu. Calm down."
by thebadoutlaw April 28, 2009
a hangover
steve's off sick today with a bad case of wine flu after last night's extended revelry
by diskgrinder September 24, 2010
Symptoms associated with excessive indulgence in alcohol, used euphemistically, in the year (2009) when swine flu was the pandemic of record.
Thanks to the Christmas party, I've been laid up in bed all day with a terrible bout of wine flu.
by Lucia di Glammermoor December 09, 2009
Illness caused by consuming too much wine or other alchoholic beverages
I saw Michael at the bar last night and he was way overserved. Called in sick today, probably has wine flu.
by The Real Old Christine November 09, 2009
A term basically implying a hangover, but spoofing the media-hogging Swine Flu.
"I have a headache. I must have wine flu"
by Goldmonster September 24, 2009
Symptoms may include dry mouth, upset stomach, dry heaves, severe headache, and shaking. Not contagious. Often occurs on Monday morning after weekend paryting causing victim to stay home.
After Bob's barbeque on Sunday, 4 of us were out on Monday morning with the wine flu.
by alphagrl May 04, 2009
Wine Flu is the illness experienced the morning after drinking too much wine the night before. The Wine Flu is most commonly spread during BBQ's,festivals, fairs, & art shows in northern California. It is spread by white or red wine drinkers. However, drinkers of other alcoholic beverages have been known to experience the symptoms of the wine flu.
so after a night of partying, my mother came to wake me and found I wasn't feeling too well. My head hurt and I was very nauseus. My mother thought I had a case of the Wine Flu.
by Godfather G. August 10, 2009

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