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A "thingie" is a component of an important project or an important matter itself.
OK, team. We have that missile thingie that we need to deal with today before someone blows up the world. or

"Peterson, were you able to put together that website thingie that was on the agenda" or

There's that software thingie that we still need to debug.
#item #thing #matter #issue #plan
by alphagrl October 22, 2009
Symptoms may include dry mouth, upset stomach, dry heaves, severe headache, and shaking. Not contagious. Often occurs on Monday morning after weekend paryting causing victim to stay home.
After Bob's barbeque on Sunday, 4 of us were out on Monday morning with the wine flu.
#swine flu #hangover #maiaise #wellness #sickness
by alphagrl May 04, 2009
The coverup by the Pope of the activities of pedophile priests.
What's going on with the Pope and covering up the sexual abuse scandals is turning into a real petergate!
#watergate #peter #dick #st. peter #pearly gates #religious sexual misconduct
by alphagrl April 28, 2010
A culinary experience that is dull, uninspired, bland.
Dude, those cooking classes were dulinary.
#boring #extraordinary #unsatisfying #dullinary #bogus
by Alphagrl February 17, 2009
Blog content that is puzzling, overwhelming, incomprehensible, mindblowing.
The hundreds of postings reacting to Whole Foods CEO's WSJ editorial on health care were absolutely mindbloggling.
#mindboggling #mindbloggeling #mindblowing #confounding #stupifying
by alphagrl September 01, 2009
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