Wills is a slang term, meaning a working girl who takes calls for a living. It is also the name of Elise , Harlot, Scarlet, Wills. Someone with a loose cannon attitude, branded as being a thoughtful person who would harm herself before putting others at risk. To be called a Wills is the highest compliment someone can accept, but when connected with the name Elise or Harlot it’s typically meant as an insult implying, cheap, recycled, trash, bogun.
You get around like a Wills...
by Brad Burner April 09, 2007
a tall and hot guy who will like you, but then break your heart to pieces.
I loved Will, but then he broke up with my best friend unexpectedly.
by girl(: November 27, 2011
A stupid, stupid boy who will instantly judge you without knowing you. He seems innocent at first but is really just an asshole. Enjoys putting others down and making dirty jokes about them behind their back.
Person 1: "Hey Will how are you?"
Will: "I'm fine."
*as person 1 walks away, turns to person 2*
Will: "Wow look at that fat ass waddle. Damn!"
by Waspswillstingyou March 06, 2012
Will is a name for a guy who is typically a red head, 6ft tall, easily sunburned, and shows his butt crack a lot. Some rare breads of Will have little stubble chin and have a hard time communicating with others. Wills are usually a dick to their little brothers/sisters which could be because he is not firm in his manhood(might be gay). They are a good for nothing lazy SOBs....................................................................................................Also a nigger lover
Will is a silly willy! Wilberto
by Happy valentines day February 15, 2013
A violent and slightly evil boy who enjoys airsofting. He is a caffeine addict and when high on caffeine becomes a truly frightening being.
Although 99% crazy, he can be fairly nice and somewhat intelligent at times. Naturally, if I did not mention that he's somewhat intelligent or nice in this definition, he would shoot me with metal airsofting BBs.
Just goes to show.
Oh no, Will has been drinking caffeine, run awaaayyy!!!
by Bob the Bulldozer August 11, 2009
the most jay ass hole piece of shit you will ever meet, watch your back he might shank you with his meth pipe!
me: no will bad idea

will:shut up you whore ill kill you with this meth pipe

nuf said
by =0P January 20, 2013
A bellend, usually a knob. A Will is likely to be single and have a small penis they usually don't last very long in bed.
Girl: Is that it?
Will: Yeah sorry.
by belladoggy9ps October 14, 2012

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