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The act of getting shot in the head
Darren got his wig split by his ho after she caught him in bed with another ho.
by Edmund Boone November 19, 2003
Past tense of an individual who was victim of massive head trauma inflicted by a 2nd party. i.e, Guns, Bats, or by accident.
"Yo, you heard what happend to that nigga trey? that nigga got his wig split right on the avenue, Got popped in his dome"
by P-doX October 28, 2007
The guy who said shot in the head is correct.
It's when someone's brain splatter, ie as in you can see fragments on the floor.
by Jon Mac January 15, 2004
getting your skull cracked (not literaly)
i'll split ya wig, i am a wig splitta, are you tryin to get your wig split
by project pat November 28, 2007
1.) To be impressed or in total awe of an outside stimulus. 2.) To be highly impressed to the point of excitement or elation.
"GOD-DAMN! Did you see that UFO abduct Sally Struthers in a beam of light?! That shit left my wig split!"

"Dude I just saw Tila Tequila get pelted with trash and human fecal matter at the Insane Clown Posse show... Shit split my wig back several times over..."

"Ghandi split my wig... he was a wigsplitter..."
by Nephilim Muse August 10, 2012
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