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Past tense of an individual who was victim of massive head trauma inflicted by a 2nd party. i.e, Guns, Bats, or by accident.
"Yo, you heard what happend to that nigga trey? that nigga got his wig split right on the avenue, Got popped in his dome"
by P-doX October 28, 2007
The act of one being unreasonable, and/or making the company of the person uncalled for, and unbearable.

(Popular in the Philadelphia area)
(Present Tense)
"Man this nigga drunk out his mind and, the girls won't come near him, that nigga drawling"

(Past Tense)
"Yesterday that nigga drawled when he ate the last slice of pizza"
by P-doX October 28, 2007
An individual maintaining undeserved respect (Personality is often opposite of how individual acts)
"Man, he's a clown, we know he dosen't put in work, and the kids respect him and shit"
by P-doX October 28, 2007

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