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A made up number Keanu Reeves decided to bet for Final Jeopardy.
"I bet eleventy billion dollars."
"That's not even a real number"
by Trebek December 30, 2003
to shoot off bullets.
'Ya wanna come steppin', then I have to see ya. leave you open and burnin' like a case of ghoneria. from some ol' dirty bitch that you's was humpin',and pumpin' like my gauge bitch-ass,we dumpin'!
by Trebek September 10, 2003
a rap group that is foe-foe-bullet,lil shank,cell-block,full clip,converse and sawed-off.
psychopathic rydas-dumpin-psychopathic rydas-dumpin-psychopathic rydas-dumpin-
by Trebek September 10, 2003
to cough so much that you almost puke...a mini puke, of course the next step is a wet gag.
The Prince Could'nt take it, so he mini puked.
by Trebek September 06, 2003
A step after Mini Puke, the wet gag is a more hardcore version resulting of stuff acaually comming up ,and making a curdling sound.
The Prince tried to mack on girls, but he mini puked while he was smoking,thus taking away of his chances of scoring.
by Trebek September 07, 2003
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