To get your head knocked in.
Don't get yo wig split mess'n wit that fool. He on drugs and all kinda shit.
by Be' Be' November 19, 2003
What you say after the act of getting a kill in Call of Duty: Black Ops with a tomahawk.
An unsuspecting victim gets a tomahawk to the head and you then yell, "WIG-SPLIT!"
by Yoda Bon Zelda July 30, 2011
to take a giant bong toke or to finish smoking a potent form of marijuana. AKA-BKA (KRON)
That SOUR DEISEL shady had last night really had my "WIG SPLIT"...
by shady dickens.... September 10, 2008
a fancy word for a haircut, or getting ones "wig, split" means having ones hair piece, split.
Yo coolbreeze, I gotta go have my "wig Split" afta work.
by Cayle Funck October 10, 2003
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