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What you say after the act of getting a kill in Call of Duty: Black Ops with a tomahawk.
An unsuspecting victim gets a tomahawk to the head and you then yell, "WIG-SPLIT!"
by Yoda Bon Zelda July 30, 2011
To get your hair cut. A dope fade.
I'm bout to go get my wig split so I can look clean tonight.
by TheOperator March 19, 2010
to take a giant bong toke or to finish smoking a potent form of marijuana. AKA-BKA (KRON)
That SOUR DEISEL shady had last night really had my "WIG SPLIT"...
by shady dickens.... September 10, 2008
a fancy word for a haircut, or getting ones "wig, split" means having ones hair piece, split.
Yo coolbreeze, I gotta go have my "wig Split" afta work.
by Cayle Funck October 10, 2003