The term used to describe the girlfriend or wife of a gay man. Wigs are used by gay people who wish to hide their homosexuality.
That guy's girlfriend is just a wig, you know he's gay.
by The_Spaniard October 22, 2004
to worry or do something with a degree of frustration or worry.
kevs 'wiggin' about this weekend, or kevs got a 'wig' on about going clubbing
by snapster July 30, 2003
Great-grandaddy of second-generation slang for methyldioxymethamphetamine (MDMA). Mostly used by the insanely hip crowd in urban dance meccas like Austin, San Francisco, and even fucking New York.

This word was later supplanted by the horrendously stupid "roll", a word so unspecial that it seems to be used as pitifully as "smurf" with the new, abysmally uncool, tragically unhip MDMasses. Still, if you want to score, you have to speak the language.
D has the wigs, so let's ditch these hos and start the party.

Tone, I'm wiggin' my balls off dude. And I love it. I see some hotties; let's go work the floor!

I'm freelin' gate. Excuse whatever the hell I just said. I'm just speaking Wigginese right now.
by mymindisglowing June 01, 2003
An exclamation of how beautiful/nice someone or something is.
"Look here comes Chelsea, she's WIG!" or "This curry sauce is WIG"
by mikealanr January 14, 2008
Term of acquaintance used between caucasians as a shortened form of wigga.
'Wassup ma wig?'
'Me an ma wigs'
by Dan Wilchoni November 29, 2005
Many wigs resemble large rats.
by Nightmares on earwaX September 29, 2003
A word to describe someone's below-average intelligance.
" Your are so wig, you will fail all your GCSE'S!! "
by Luke Armitage November 19, 2006

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