WIGS (wigs) White Italian Greasy Slobs. This organization was created shortly after the development of WICAP by Liam Ireland in order to create a group to which a Bobby Italy would truly feel at home. This organization has no potential and is really a knock off parody of the ever beloved WICAP. Nevertheless they press on under their leader, Bobby Italy. Italy, being an open homosexual, has partaken in practices that have conflicted greatly with his leadership. (i.e. Boy George developing a leadership role in the organization.) For some of these reasons, WIGS is stuggling on the brink of implosion. And sadly, there is no bright future in store for the WIGS within their homeland. This is mainly due to their name which offends many Italians, most of whom have condemned Bobby Italy, calling him a heretic of sorts. However, though WIGS do not look to have a large following within their country of origin, there seems to be a large French following associated with the group. Thus, their future is unclear as WIGS frolicks into the mid twenty-first century hopping from one European country to another.
Tabloid Headlines:
WIGS leader, Bobby Italy is caught in homosexual love triangle after being seen in a gay bar.
WIGS files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.
WIGS, after recovering from their economic slump associated with the appointment of Boy George, have regrouped and established new headquarters in a Frech backwater town.
by Liam Ireland February 28, 2005
To rip drag and grab someone in a fight by the hair.To pull out their hair and actually remove some.To literally try and dehair them without descalping
To make the enemy scream and cripple them by pulling their hair in a fight.
1"What did you call me?come here and say it to my face cunt.I'm gonna fucking wig ya!
2.He hit hit me first so i fuckin wigged that prick.
by munyuck October 05, 2008
The appearance or persona which one chooses to create for public view, as opposed to the 'real' self; the constructed public self. Hence 'wig out', to lose control of oneself, sometimes shortened to 'wig'; 'burned his wig', to depart terminally from normal behavior, or cause someone else to do so; 'blow someone's wig', to stun or astound someone.
Joe blew his boss's wig this morning by appearing in the office on time. The man is still gibbering.
by anarcissie November 16, 2014
A shorter term for the word Wigger which describes a white man wanting to be black. Most commonly is a white man living in the geto.
"Man you see that wig he was saying nigga on facebook"

*other guy* "Yeah man he is a total Wig"
by emosdid911 July 19, 2015
If your lazy, wigs shortens anyone name that starts with a "w"
hey wigs, get over here
by SC September 06, 2003
Can either mean stupid or ridiculous at a high degree.
Also pronounced as wiggest, wigged, wigging
Yo dude your shirt is wig as fuc! Remove that shiet right now!
by Spittits November 05, 2014
What is God smoking?
Your driving and you get stuck in traffic on the way to an important meeting... W.I.G.S !!!!!!!!
by whatisgodsmoking? April 02, 2010
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