Many wigs resemble large rats.
by Nightmares on earwaX September 29, 2003
A word to describe someone's below-average intelligance.
" Your are so wig, you will fail all your GCSE'S!! "
by Luke Armitage November 19, 2006
Origin: Scouse (liverpool uk).

The act of grabbing a person by the hair hence adopting a thrashing action to inflict pain and disorientate. Commonly utilised by Liverpudlian females.
"I wigged her kidda.. ya shud of seen it.. minging it was it took me ages to get the grease off me hands... the dirty manc slut"
by Prof. L. Inguista September 11, 2006
Slang term for Herpes; came from pronouncing Herpes like hair piece, then shortened to wig.
Steve: Damn, Krissy sure is hot. I'd hit it.
Tom: Nah dude, I hear she's got a wig.
by vulgar_power September 06, 2005
a leet counterstrike player who inserts his own feet in his mouth, which makes him leet at life.
by Anonymous April 09, 2003
kid with lots of hair
Yo Wig!!!!!
by VAN June 19, 2003
a dumb little boy wigger that i HATE HATE HAAATTEE!! i wish he was dead and buried!!! I HATE HIM!!! RROOOOAAARRR!!!!...!
there is no fucking example! wig
by Pete Wentz April 12, 2007

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