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when a guy decides to make one girl, his number one. At this point he will be talking about loving you, buying you stuff.

Extreme Wifing: moving in, marriage, kids, and *gulp* REAL commitment.

*Remember* using wifey, is more serious then girlfriend but much less than wife. Wife is usually associated with Extreme Wifing, & Marriage.
1) Yo, my girl Jenny is defiantly getting to be wifey material right now.

2) Jenny is such a great girlfriend I'm thinking about wifing her.

3) Mike! you know Jenny is a hoe! why would you want her wifed? so, she can cheat on you again?
by Sanjana Prem September 02, 2009
The act of being a wife. Particularly doing traditional "women's jobs" like making dinner, and cleaning.
Lucky! She is really good at wifing.
by borahgrace July 22, 2011
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