A nickname for your wife or female life partner. A term of endearment. The women you love. Wifey.
" Baby, you know you are the best Wifey ever? I'm so lucky"
by cak88 May 01, 2016
A ridiculous term lesbians use to describe the girl they've been dating for sixth months or less.
Lesbian A: Hey, I want you to meet my wifey.

Lesbian B: Wifey?

Lesbian A: Yeah, we met at the gay bar last Tuesday. We were waiting to say anything until it was Facebook official.
by NotYourWifey September 07, 2011
A word used as a nickname for a boy's girlfriend, or wife.
Also used as a nickname for a close friend that can't be replaced.
That's my wifey right there, she taken.
Aw, you're such a good friend! That's why you're the wifey.
by mira_fooooo May 03, 2015
What two hookers call each other when they have the same pimp. They live together, turn tricks together, and give their money to the same man, so they're close and obligated to have each others backs.

This used to mean a girls BFF but has become a term used commonly in prostitution.

It is very similar to how polygamous Mormon women call each other "Sister-Wife."
"That crazy hoe was accusing us of taking her purse, when her wifey picked it up and put it away."

"My pimp just got me a wifey, and its not fair bc he yelled at me for only making $400, but she only made $300 last night."
by knows a lotta hoes December 18, 2011
In the African American community, “wifey” is a term used to describe a woman whose daily actions and supportive notions for a male partner are almost identical to the role of a female spouse (i.e. cooking, cleaning, maintain finances, raising children).
Aye, yo, das wifey right der...
by dm11 April 03, 2011
An amateur porn star who's an internet legend like Heather Brook, Miss Swallows & Nina Hartley. She's a perfect wife because she's beautiful, loves oral and swallows.
If I ever get married, I hope my girlfriend will be like Wifey!
by El Lobo Hombre December 14, 2010
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