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procrastinating to a large extent. Often before exams and such.
Dude, I gotta stop waisting and start hitting the books.
by Dog2121313 January 07, 2013
To waste time without adding to your waist!!
Nadia: I'm just here waisting time
Tom: waisting? wtf?
Nadia: I'm WASTING time without adding to my WAIST!!
by cjfromaz September 02, 2008
A word used so grammar Nazis can think their right, but it’s actually a red herring.

Though spelled differently than the misspelling of "wasting" it means exactly the same thing
Person A:"I'm terribly afraid of waisting my life away"

Person B:"well than you certainly don't want to be HIPpy"

Person A:"well if this is a remark on my spelling, you sir are wrong" *posts link*
by dumbdeedumdumdum May 11, 2011
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