The name of someone that is on a vendetta to make you regret ever choosing her as a partner.
I work a 12 hour day, do chores, and play with the kids, but I still catch hell from the wife when I pop open a can of beer and watch the game.
by D. Arse June 26, 2005
The reason I drink so much.
My wife likes to nag.
by best definitions ever July 29, 2006
term used in reference to the woman in which a man is the most emotionally involved with & who he feels the most obligation toward. she typically has characteristics which would make her a desirable long-term partner.
Porscha is super badd but I'm out with wife tonight.
by realist63 January 28, 2010
A contraction of two words; With, and Life, making the workd Wife. A person with a wife is a person with life.
He is so lucky to be a man with a wife. She is so lucky to be a woman with a Wife.
by SuzTheAdviceLady October 18, 2011
Another word for Satan
From the second my wife walks through the door she looks pissed off and instantly starts bitching at me for everything I do, she must be Satan.

My wife bitches about things she was fine with before we were married but now a few months into it all the sudden I am wrong and a shitbag. That bitch is Satan
by I hate that cunt February 23, 2011
baby, source of happiness
baby, you make me happy. you're my wife.
by fishlovecat November 02, 2009
The love of your life and the women you want to spend the rest of your life with.

You obviously married the wrong bitch if she's anything like the other definitions you assholes have made.
My wife is wonderful! She loves me and we have so much fun together! I'm so lucky to have a wife!
by maggertins December 06, 2014

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